Friday, March 6, 2009

Haha. Well I'd better start posting more in this blog. So last night Brandon, Katy, and the kids came in after Mom and I picked up Dad at the station. We've just been hanging out and having fun. Amy, Brandon, and Brayden came in as well. So it's a sleep-over with all of them. Right now we are watching Nacho Libre. haha. It's awesome. Well, not a lot has happened. So I guess I'm done.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Wow. It has been a cool day. Mom and I spent most of the day with Amy and Brandon. At like 11 AM we went with a few friends from Amy and Brandon's ward to a sledding area near by their house. We had a ton of fun. We have some pictures and videos. Then we ate at Wendy's and went to Wal-Mart. After that we went home and played the Wii and watched a movie until Amy and Brandon had to go home.

Oh wow. Even with the internet problems and saying there was an error...and so I signed out without saving this...I got back in and this was still here and with the video too!! Cool beans. I'll try it again with the rest.

haha. I love this one. So, when we got to this little sledding area, we found some awesome jumps. This long jump as shown in the video, a large ramp that would make you fly high in the air and drop you to your doom, and a doughnut shaped jump with many large bumps before it (this one kills. I tried it out first and it hurt like crazy. I was stupid and tried it lying down on my stomach. Eleen's (my friend who we were with and her brother and sister) poor little sister got the wind knocked out of her the third time trying the doughnut. Her second time trying made her do a 180 in the air, letting her softly land. So she wanted to try it again, but instead, she made a hard land and she started running to us scared because she couldn't breathe. Luckily we got to her and after a few minutes, she was much better. She layed down on their tube the rest of the time. Anyway, this one was easy for me the first time. Too bad Amy didn't get it! haha. I was doing ok, I seemed to be balanced and everything, then *boof* my glove got stuck under the sled and in the snow and I flipped over onto my head and on my back. It scared me so bad. I couldn't stop laughing. My whole side, including my side of my face and head, was COVERED in snow.

Eleen and I got on this big sled and tried to go in between the two scary jumps. We made it, but this stupid dog got in our way and wouldn't move. Earlier, a little boy was going down and the dog tried biting him. Luckily, he had protection from his snowsuit. Well, I had no protection! I was so scared and just knew it was going to try to bite me or Eleen. Well, of course, its target was me. But I moved my arm just in time and the owner called his name and it followed. Stupid dog.