Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boy has it been forever since we've updated this blog. It is rather hard to do anything with it though since it's just the three of us. What new will happen to us? Haha.
Well, I guess if I started anywhere it would be the move. It seems rather like a joke really.. at least to everyone else but us. We've been stuck in limbo for quite a while. Ever since I (Sara) started my first day at Salem Hills High School. It was both a great and horrible day. Great in the beginning, bad in the end. When I got home from school I found my dad home. It was unusual that he was home so early from work but Mom and I figured he just left early. However, we could tell something was up. We couldn't take him quite seriously when he said he was just laid off from work because he always pulls pranks on us. When his expression didn't budge we knew he was serious. None of us knew what to think. The following 5 months went rather slow. Dad went through so many applications and interviews we were starting to get worried. We didn't know whether we'd live in Buffalo, NY, Amherst, Ohio or even Sacramento, California. Every time we thought of the worst, we tried remembering that this trial is testing our faith and we need to trust that everything will work out for the best. A little before Christmas Dad received a call from Sacramento. We were hopeful but weary so we wouldn't get discouraged like all of the other calls. We were grateful just that they answered Dad's application. Only a few of Dad's hundreds of applications were answered. Quite a few weeks after many interviews, Dad received word that he got the job. We were so excited yet sad that it meant we'd have to move. It took us a year and half to finish things in Utah and make the complete move to California. Since the move in January we've been visiting every so often in Utah. We are so close to leaving this limbo feeling. It's been getting very old. haha. Once I graduate I believe things will get easier. Moves are hard but help us grow. Each time we've moved, we came from a good area to an even better area. We love the new ward, the town Plumas Lake, and the weather! We know, of course, that this is not the end. It's only the beginning! haha :D